What If Bad Robot Attacked Classic Star Trek?

Now that JJ Abrams has so successfully taken on Star Wars, it’s time to look at Star Trek for a minute.  What if JJ and the fine folks at Bad Robot decided to go all George-Lucas-Updating-Existing-Movies and went back and started updating the original 10 Star Trek movies to match the JJ Abrams Universe?

Would Saavik’s name be changed to Felicity? Would General Chang now closely resemble Arvin Sloane? Would Terry O’Quinn be inserted to play the part of Sybok in Star Trek 5?  Would the entire pursuit be one big Mission Impossible?

As Mr. Spock would point out, there are always possibilities.  Here I give you my one minute of JJ Abrams infused classic Trek… (LOST fans, this is for you too).

It is logical.

If you’d like a free wallpaper from this video click here.

Why did I do this? Because I have been and always shall be your friend.