The light persists

Rough, weathered wood, unbending and hard as stone, blocks the brilliant light which once seemed so commonplace. It is dark and stifling inside. Is it possible to forget what a sunny day looked like, how refreshing the sun could be on my face? Are those snatches of brilliance just a taunt, a mocking reminder of … Read more

All Is Well

The Christmas Angel

Now that Christmas is over, there’s a chance to savor it, bittersweet feelings and all.

The Skye Is Not Falling

Today I quote Skye Jethani because he makes an excellent case for Christians chilling out about how things are going in the world today.

The Guile in Argyle

Scotland’s independence bid is over, so now it’s time to address a phenomena that probably started in Scotland but somehow went horribly awry when it came to the US.

I’m talking about argyle.  For full disclosure:

Yes, I lived through the 80s.

Yes, I wore argyle socks.

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