Abshurdity is Good for the Shoul

It’s been a tough week.  At the end of a particularly difficult couple of days (which culminated in our viewing of the brilliant, highly entertaining tragedy of Avengers Infinity War) my wife showed me a meme that is made of two pictures, the first of which you see above.

As you study the significance of the picture, join me in my deep appreciation for absurd things. Like deep truths, absurd things are often right in front of us and we don’t even realize it. This absurd thing includes the deepest truth (Jesus), but as you can see, he is preparing to give Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth a nice, close shave.

You may be thinking um, ok. What does it mean?

Enter the second half of the meme:

Sean Connery says That'sh not what I shaid!

What’s thish? What ish it the Sean Connery could have shaid that wash mishtaken for shomething elsh, thush reshulting in the Queen’s close shave?

I’ll leave it to you to figure it out. It’s a common, historical phrase. I hope you laugh until you have tears in your eyes, as I did.

You’re welcome.

Queen Elizabeth gets a shave